Dear people who stare when transgender people who use public bathrooms

Dear people who stare when transgender people who use public bathrooms, Bathrooms have been around a long time,centuries even- just your basic bathroom, a stall. toilet paper, a sink etc; pretty simple right? Over the years it has changed; become more accessible for people who need them, some more then others. They even have family bathrooms your whole family can use now; isn't that great? No it's not and I will tell you why. Going to the bathroom is a thing everyone needs to do. Gay people, straight people, transgender people, black, white etc. So why in the world in 2017, let me repeat the year one more time 2017, are we having these issues? If a woman can go into the women's restroom and

Dear Americans that say "Get over it he won"

Dear Americans that say "Get over it he won"- Let me be very clear here, you have 100% nothing to worry about! Congrats to all of you on that. You won that battle fair and square so for all of you, yes, you can get over it, move on because let me just say it; you and your family’s have it all meaning you are not any of the group’s that has been attacked by his actions or maybe you just like what was said and you all have nothing to lose at all. The other half of Americans that are upset that he won has everything to lose- everything because they are either women, gay, black or disabled along with other groups of people that are horrified by what will happen in the next couple of years. So fo

What does the word beautiful truly mean?

What does the word beautiful truly mean? Beautiful can mean so many different things to different people but what I am talking about here is body image and self image. In our world today, it is defined by models we see in magazines or even friends we envy for what they look like or how many likes or followers they have on Twitter or Instagram. We wish we were a smaller size or what we were before we had kids and there is no issue with wanting that and aiming for that goal but you have to do it for you and no one else. I have a theory why we do this, now it may be wrong or right on the money for some people- but here it is, self worth. We do not feel good about ourselves as women, or men for

Dear everyone who has dealt with loss

Dear everyone who has dealt with loss, Loss is a sad thing for anyone. You can lose a job you loved, a friendship you cherished, a loved one but the sad, honest truth is we all lose people and things we love. People say it will get better over time but we all know that is not true; we still ache for that person or want a friendship back that we once had or that work opportunity we missed out on. It's all should have, would have said this, done that differently..but you can't- plain and simple. So, now what? You grieve in whatever works for you..cry, yell, you let it all out. Don't tell others how to grieve; it's their process- not yours .We all have dealt with loss in our lives in one way or

To everyone in Manchester,

To everyone in Manchester, United Kingdom, and around the Globe, Lives taken. Injured people. To each and every person that lost someone my heart aches for you, and may your loved ones Rest in peace. May you always remember how they made your lives better because you knew them. To all of these scared souls who were injured, and what you had to go through last night, I hope you all heal - not just physically, but mentally. To our people around the globe - we must stand together, not just today or when the next terrible thing happens, but all the time no matter what faith, skin color, or where your from. We have many things in common: we are all human, we all love, we all grieve, and we stand

Letter 5

Dear Anxiety, This is my final letter to you, so here it goes: So many people I know, and care so deeply about, suffer because of you in one way or another. And you know what? They are some of the most talented, amazing, kind, and loving people I have ever known. They are those things in spite of you! They have careers; they have lives; they are fighting back the best way they can (as I am sure other people are all over the world). You cannot define people who suffer from you; you never, ever will! No matter how hard you may try, I think people that deal with you are stronger then you are. I hope that people start talking about you and stand up to you. Why? Because you are important. Don't b

Letter 4

Dear Anxiety, I am back! Did you miss me?! So, recently in writing these letters to you, I have found out that more of my friends suffer because of you than I previously knew. I heard someone say to me, "but 'So-and-So' doesn't look like he has it." The thing is, we don't know who is effected by you and who is not effected by you; at this rate, we will never know. Why would we? It's not like when you first meet someone, they come up to you and say, "Hi my name is _____ and I have anxiety" or that they have labels that say so on their shirt. No, it does not work like that. My point is, you don't have a specific type of person that you effect. You can pick anyone, at anytime, anywhere. Some pe

Letter 3

Dear Anxiety, I told you I was not done with you! I understand that some people struggle with you so badly that they need to take a cocktail of pills to deal with you. I get that you cause an imbalance in the brain, but instead of giving people pill after pill to deal with you, what if doctors and therapists came up with a healthier pill with less crap in it. What if we had pills with more natural ingredients and more natural treatment methods that help people that suffer with you. Like really, think about it! How much better would people feel about putting a pill in their bodies that is healthy, a pill that is actually something that does what it is supposed to do, or what the doctors say i

Letter 2

Dear Anxiety, This is my second letter to you. I am not done with you yet; I am far from it. I have a few questions for you: 1. Why are you not taken as seriously as depression or any other illness? 2. Why do you take over peoples' lives? 3. Why do you effect so many people in so many different ways? I am sure people that suffer with you ask these questions all the time, and let's be honest with each other, you have no freaking clue. Truth be told, nobody ever will unless you're looked at by more professionals. You need be looked at on your own; you can't always be linked to depression. You need to be treated as a separate diagnosis. So many people suffer from you and wish they had answers.

Letter 1

Dear Anxiety, Let me start by saying, I do not like you. I never have, and I never will. Do I have to deal with you? No, but some of my favorite people in my life do, and I do not like what you do them and that they have to deal with you every day. I wish I could make you go away, but I can’t and honestly it breaks my heart that so many people struggle with you. There is one thing I do know: you may control certain parts of peoples' lives and make it hard for them to do what they love or what they need to do, but you cannot take away how awesome people are. With or without you, they are still awesome, and the things they can do in spite of your presence are really amazing!! I do not know the

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