To People With Invisible Disabilities

To People With Invisible Disabilities, I see you. I am disabled physically and have been since birth, so that’s all I’ve ever known and will know for the rest of my life. March 29th, 2005 will be forever ingrained in my mind, because that is the day my family’s life would change forever. Fast forward 13 years… the strongest woman I have ever known and will know, is disabled: my mom. To see her go through daily life with constant pain, only being able to do things for a certain amount of time is hard for me, because I knew who she was before. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for her or anyone else that deals with an invisible disability like fibromyalgia or lupus. I think as a society,

To the people that have an issue with my “Dear able-bodied people- please don’t take my space” piece

Let me be crystal clear here. I was not speaking about people that deal with an invisible disability at all. That piece was from a point of view of someone who has dealt with this issue firsthand with two people in my life who have done this. They do not have an invisible disability at all; just take advantage of the fact that they could use it for their own convenience because it was easier for them than finding a normal parking space and taking it away from someone that really could use it. I have had negative feedback on this piece with comments such as “I have an invisible disability and to you I would look able-bodied but I am not.” or “It's because of people like you I am nervous to ha

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