How My Routine Has Changed Since High School

I graduated high school 11 years ago. It’s hard for me to believe that. I was in special education throughout school. I was in this protected bubble of routines. I had to do therapy such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc. It was great, but then I graduated. Reality hit, then my safe bubble of routine, which was something that I knew and felt comfortable with for many years, was gone. I had to figure something out. I am not going to lie, it took me a long time to get a routine down. It still does on certain days, but I have one that works for me for now. That is not to say some things aren’t going to change every now and then. Variety is the spice of life after all. Cr

Why We Need A Mental Health Movement For This Generation

In 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama started a movement to create a healthier generation of kids. It is an amazing idea that has really helped kids to develop better lifestyles for themselves and their families. This was a huge success. She moved the mission forward while she was in the White House. Due to Obama’s dedication to her “Let’s Move” movement,,kids lead better lives, and obesity epidemic has decreased. I think positively impacting our future generation is something extremely important, and I would like to thank Mrs. Obama herself. As great as the “Let’s Move” movement was, I wonder when we will have a mental health movement. If you think about Mental health is just as relevant now a

How Finding The Right Therapist Changed My Life

When I started writing, my goal was and still is to help people see things from a different viewpoint other than their own. I didn’t think when I first started that it would help me as much as it would help other people. However it has. Let me give you an example, say I was upset about something going on in the news or just life in general, I would complain about it to friends or a family member. But after I talked about what was bothering me and thinking I felt better in that moment, deep down it was still bothering me. I would hold in when really it needed to be expressed. That was then, now that I have writing as an outlet. Whenever I am upset about something, I don’t only talk to my frie

I Turn 29 Soon, And This Is Why I Haven’t Taken Any Year Of My Life For Granted

I view getting older differently than your average person! When I recently told a friend I was going to be turning 29, she reacted the way most anyone would in this day and age. She asked me how I felt and was surprised when I said I felt amazing. I feel this way because my life is a rare blessing. When I was born, both my mother and I were given a 5% chance of survival. The fact that I made it and can still talk about it 29 years later is inspiration enough to maintain a positive outlook. Who wouldn’t want to live the best possible life after that? I do everything in my power to make sure I place a positive impression on the world. I encourage and help others. Despite having a disability my

This Is For The People Who Say ‘You’re Getting Old’

Guess what? Yes, I am and so is everyone else. So what? It’s not so bad. Yes, you get older. Everything aches, your hair might be starting to turn gray, and you’re not as young as you used to be. But we are all going to have to deal with it at some time in our lives. So instead of the negative self-talk that we frequently do especially on birthdays, embrace your age. Turn it into a positive. Look back on your accomplishments and look forward to what’s to come because that is far more important than saying something that is bound to happen no matter what you think about it. Age is just a number. That is what I think we should feel as a society. But we focus on getting older more than we do li

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