Why Supportive Friendships Are Crucial For Your Health And Happiness

We all have experienced deep friendships. But why are they important to us? Why do we need them? I personally believe that relationships are necessary for us to grow. They help us learn about ourselves and each other in healthy, beneficial ways. Forming special bonds with people makes our lives more fulfilling because they are teaching us things about ourselves and learning more about how the friendships we build with them moving forward can show us what a healthy friendship can be. Our families and friends can help us discover our purpose and clarify what we want from our time here on Earth. These relationships can enhance our social circles, too. Not every relationship can provide purpose,


Our mental and physical health should be equally weighted. Typically, when we don’t feel well physically, we seek out medical attention. When we feel “off” mentally, we typically make excuses as to why we are feeling this way, and put off seeking out care. These two wellnesses go hand in hand and when one is askew, the other is also impacted. They should be regarded with equal importance. I believe a lot of hesitancy in seeking out medical care is that there still exists a stigma around these concerns. People feel that if they admit being affected by anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues it is a sign of weakness. They fear the judgement of their closest friends and family as wel

A Four-Leaf Clover Will Not Change Your Life

People associate finding four-leaf clovers with good luck and destiny. While finding one may bring moments of happiness and perhaps positively change your point of view, this tiny, little sprout is not going to completely alter your life for the better. Changing your destiny is in your hands. It requires work and dedication. It requires patience, soul-searching, and discovering your goals and dreams. I continually try to better myself personally and professionally, but an important part of growing and evolving is failure. Setbacks require you to consider a different perspective and re-evaluate your thought processes. Hard work, dedication, and failure brought me to success, not a stroke of l

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