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  • Larissa Martin

Dear Americans that say "Get over it he won"

Dear Americans that say "Get over it he won"- Let me be very clear here, you have 100% nothing to worry about! Congrats to all of you on that. You won that battle fair and square so for all of you, yes, you can get over it, move on because let me just say it; you and your family’s have it all meaning you are not any of the group’s that has been attacked by his actions or maybe you just like what was said and you all have nothing to lose at all. The other half of Americans that are upset that he won has everything to lose- everything because they are either women, gay, black or disabled along with other groups of people that are horrified by what will happen in the next couple of years. So for those of you that say "He won, deal with it. It's over", just picture this: You're stopped by the police just because of the color of your skin or you're a woman who got sexually assaulted just because its your boss who feels they can get away with that or you lived here for 30 years and fled home because you could not take it where you were living, being treated the way you were so you moved to the U.S. to build a better life for yourself and your family... just to find out you could lose everything because you tried so hard to make things better. Do you get why we are scared now? That very well could be you or someone you love. Think about that for a second; like really sit and stop being all proud that he won and think about that for one second. The words "Make America great again" were said by a man who promised to make it great again and who is soon to be running this country. I have A question why don't we step it up and make America great ourselves? instead of putting all our eggs in one basket and believing in this man to do it for us? He will not do it, we have to- plain and simple and until that happens no change will really happen.

Sincerely- A Girl with and impact

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