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  • Larissa Martin

Dear everyone who has dealt with loss

Dear everyone who has dealt with loss,

Loss is a sad thing for anyone. You can lose a job you loved, a friendship you cherished, a loved one but the sad, honest truth is we all lose people and things we love. People say it will get better over time but we all know that is not true; we still ache for that person or want a friendship back that we once had or that work opportunity we missed out on. It's all should have, would have said this, done that differently..but you can't- plain and simple. So, now what? You grieve in whatever works for you..cry, yell, you let it all out. Don't tell others how to grieve; it's their process- not yours .We all have dealt with loss in our lives in one way or another. It sucks and is life changing and you are never the same yet that is just what happens. What has to happen after grieving if you learned from your losses? That is right. I said learn from your losses -everyone that you have ever lost, remember them and what they taught you and teach that to your kids. Cherish that friendship that fell apart for whatever reason, let it go a new friendship will form because of it . You thought you had what was your dream job, the one you have been waiting years for but you lost it due to someone more experienced. It's okay, your real dream job will come when you least expect it! Cherish your life, you only get one go at it. Take your losses and create something beautiful that the world has never seen!

Sincerely- A woman living life to the fullest

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