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  • Larissa Martin

Dear people who stare when transgender people who use public bathrooms

Dear people who stare when transgender people who use public bathrooms, Bathrooms have been around a long time,centuries even- just your basic bathroom, a stall. toilet paper, a sink etc; pretty simple right? Over the years it has changed; become more accessible for people who need them, some more then others. They even have family bathrooms your whole family can use now; isn't that great? No it's not and I will tell you why. Going to the bathroom is a thing everyone needs to do. Gay people, straight people, transgender people, black, white etc. So why in the world in 2017, let me repeat the year one more time 2017, are we having these issues? If a woman can go into the women's restroom and it's okay with no one batting an eye, same for a man, why can't a transgender person? Let me guess because it's "wrong", right? Because it bothers you. Well, let me tell you- transgender people are not going away anytime soon so the way I see it is there are two choices. You have first choice of never using a public bathroom again or just suck it up and deal with it. Let's get down to the real issue here. Transgender people and that word bother people. Why? Because they don't understand it or get why a person would want to do that to themselves. I will try and break this down easy as possible for you. When a child is born a little girl but as she grows up she feels like she is a boy and would do anything to make that happen from clothes to calling her by the name he or she prefers or even gender reassignment surgery in some cases. It is different for everyone going through the process of becoming who they are meant to be. Transgender people are not weird, they're not out to get you and take your rights away so why take theirs? You may not understand who they are as people but that does not mean you have to like it or support it but you should at least understand them and respect them. Maybe educate yourself on the issue affecting this community so you're more aware and can see where they are coming from. Let them be who they are meant to be and if you do that you might be surprised on how they can change the world, not just for them but you as well.

Sincerely- An Advocate for All

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