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  • Larissa Martin

Letter 2

Dear Anxiety, This is my second letter to you. I am not done with you yet; I am far from it. I have a few questions for you: 1. Why are you not taken as seriously as depression or any other illness? 2. Why do you take over peoples' lives? 3. Why do you effect so many people in so many different ways? I am sure people that suffer with you ask these questions all the time, and let's be honest with each other, you have no freaking clue. Truth be told, nobody ever will unless you're looked at by more professionals. You need be looked at on your own; you can't always be linked to depression. You need to be treated as a separate diagnosis. So many people suffer from you and wish they had answers. I see so many people deal with you daily, and they want nothing more than that. So what more can we do as friends, family members, co-workers, anyone really? Maybe we can start with these things: 1. Give them space. 2. Do not put your worries on them; they have enough to worry about. (I learned this recently myself). 3. Speak up about anxiety, and become a voice for those who can't find the words. If more people speak up, more awareness will be raised.

Sincerely, A girl who cares

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