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  • Larissa Martin

Letter 3

Dear Anxiety, I told you I was not done with you! I understand that some people struggle with you so badly that they need to take a cocktail of pills to deal with you. I get that you cause an imbalance in the brain, but instead of giving people pill after pill to deal with you, what if doctors and therapists came up with a healthier pill with less crap in it. What if we had pills with more natural ingredients and more natural treatment methods that help people that suffer with you. Like really, think about it! How much better would people feel about putting a pill in their bodies that is healthy, a pill that is actually something that does what it is supposed to do, or what the doctors say it does. I think there should be a healthier way to manage your symptoms. It could be healthier medicine, or even just educating people on the different types of coping skills and giving them the appropriate tools for dealing with you. I think that could really benefit a lot of people. What can be done to make this happen? Here are 4 things that I think could/should be done: 1. Create healthier medications. 2. Design more/ different types of coping tools 3. Come up with/create therapies that are more effective than what is out there now. 4. Educate people on the kinds of therapies that are already available to them, and make sure they know their options for treatment.

Sincerely, A girl who cares

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