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  • Larissa Martin

To everyone in Manchester,

To everyone in Manchester,

United Kingdom, and around the Globe, Lives taken. Injured people. To each and every person that lost someone my heart aches for you, and may your loved ones Rest in peace. May you always remember how they made your lives better because you knew them. To all of these scared souls who were injured, and what you had to go through last night, I hope you all heal - not just physically, but mentally. To our people around the globe - we must stand together, not just today or when the next terrible thing happens, but all the time no matter what faith, skin color, or where your from. We have many things in common: we are all human, we all love, we all grieve, and we stand together when tragedy strikes. We need to stand as one in good times, not just the bad. I know I am asking a lot here, but we need to start this standing together before horrific events, like Manchester. If we all start doing that, we just might see a brighter world for generations to come.


A woman hopeful for a kinder world

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