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What does the word beautiful truly mean?

What does the word beautiful truly mean? Beautiful can mean so many different things to different people but what I am talking about here is body image and self image. In our world today, it is defined by models we see in magazines or even friends we envy for what they look like or how many likes or followers they have on Twitter or Instagram. We wish we were a smaller size or what we were before we had kids and there is no issue with wanting that and aiming for that goal but you have to do it for you and no one else. I have a theory why we do this, now it may be wrong or right on the money for some people- but here it is, self worth. We do not feel good about ourselves as women, or men for that matter, so we need to hear it and and see it in our social media followers, likes etc. for that is what we find important in today's world. I think as people we need to stop looking in a mirror and and fixing whatever we see wrong that day, saying "I feel fat" or "I don't like this about myself" and first, fixing what is wrong on the inside first. Whatever that may be for you at this time in your life; only then will you truly feel beautiful and own who you are and feel good enough about saying the words"I am beautiful" to yourself; not having everyone say it or like a post to prove to yourself that you are in fact beautiful. So for those of you who need to hear this, you're beautiful just the way you are and for those trying to better themselves in any way through weight loss, recovery from eating disorders or just body image issues, in the end beautiful is a word of self discovery of not just outer beauty but inner beauty and all your strengths and that is what the word beautiful means to me! What does the word me word beautiful mean to you?

Sincerely A beautiful Girl still finding herself


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