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  • Larissa Martin

Dear anxiety- I just can't stop talking about you; well someone has to

Dear anxiety- I just can't stop talking about you; well someone has to- because you can't be just in your own little bubble all the time. It has to burst eventually because you have to get out more,! because people need to know who you are- you're an issue that needs to be talked about. Why do I have anxiety and why don't people accept it? I am sure people with you have that question. People who have you don't know why they have you, they just do and they live their lives the best way they can, The reason society does not seem to care about you the way they do about depression is because depression easy to diagnose; far more easier than you are. You sneak into people's lives and create havoc any way you can. I have an idea as to why you're not as accepted as depression is in our society. People who have you might not be able to explain what you do to them because it's different for every individual, as you show your ugly face differently in people. So, they might not want to talk about you, because other people do not understand or accept you, because they don't know you or how to help those who have you. It's kept in the closet of society until people who have you and those who don't can understand each other, have an open conversation about it. To be truly understanding of anxiety is not judging people who have it but listening and realizing a lot of people you know have it and that they are still the person you love- just because they have anxiety doesn't change that. Once we really grasp that as a society, anxiety will be more acceptable and taken more seriously as a real issue.

Sincerely- A girl who cares

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