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  • Larissa Martin

To the people that have security blankets- (it's okay to let them go)-

I have had my Security blanket for 13 years. It has helped me through so much. I could not imagine where I would be without it today. My security blanket was my best friend. A year ago I had to let it go and spread its wings. I remember that day so clearly; May 9th 2016- I was going somewhere with him to do something and he said "Buddy, I have some business to talk to you about." In that moment, I knew what it was and I had to ask the question "Where are you moving?" I was expecting another state but what came next I was not prepared for at all. "China." My heart sunk. A couple of days after I had heard the news I was in denial and then my feelings changed to "Oh crap, how am I going to deal with this person -my security blanket- being gone for 365 days?" I went into panic mode- "How am I going to this and this, etc?" Without him, there is no way but guess what? I got my crap together and I am good! What I have learned this year without him here is it's okay to let them go so you can both do your own thing! it will still be here for you just because it's not near you does not mean it doesn’t care and that its not an important part of your life! It just means you both let each other grow and learn on your own and who knows- you may have a new appreciation and a stronger bond with that security blanket because of your time apart! Whatever your security blanket may be, it's okay to let go- even if you don't think you can; you will when you have to. Sincerely- A girl who let go of her security blanket

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