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  • Larissa Martin

Dear America get it together,

Last night at a Country Music festival in Las Vegas do you know what happened ? of course you do because everyone is talking about it another mass shooting apparently the most deadly mass shooting in your history. Innocent lives were taken as well as injured. Am I surprised by this? No, but deeply sadden and concerned about the state of our nation as well as around the globe. Why do you ask? Because these mass shootings will not come to end unless gun violence has become a huge issue and it needs to be addressed not a month not when lawmakers or our president feels like addressing the issue right now!Here is the huge problem our gun laws and who can be a gun owner and who can not because we need to stop seeing all this gun violence so frequently. I understand completely the right to bear arms and to protect yourself as well as your family but things must change for everyone’s sake but how ? here are 3 things I think should absolutely take place before someone owns a gun 1.stricter laws in place to for gun owners 2.A more thorough background check on gun owners/ mental health background check to ensure this person is well enough to own a gun 3. create a nationwide gun safety class for kids and adults to ensure that they truly understand the importance of gun safety Is gun violence ever going to go away No but it's up to you America to get it together and say enough already and do what needs to be done to create a much better environment for here and now and generations to come

Sincerely a woman in need of a safer world

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