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  • Larissa Martin

To the people that have an issue with my “Dear able-bodied people- please don’t take my space” piece

Let me be crystal clear here. I was not speaking about people that deal with an invisible disability at all. That piece was from a point of view of someone who has dealt with this issue firsthand with two people in my life who have done this. They do not have an invisible disability at all; just take advantage of the fact that they could use it for their own convenience because it was easier for them than finding a normal parking space and taking it away from someone that really could use it. I have had negative feedback on this piece with comments such as “I have an invisible disability and to you I would look able-bodied but I am not.” or “It's because of people like you I am nervous to have a placard with the fear of being judged.” Let me just say this, as far as not knowing if someone is disabled- my mom is disabled and you would not know that if she didn’t have her cane or crutches with her. She looks perfectly fine and judging someone on their level of disability is wrong and is something I would never find the need of doing any time ever because there is no need for that. Secondly, people like me are on your side! We have a disability, visible or not, we all have struggles that no one will ever understand unless you live that person’s life and see what that person deals with. I am on the side of anybody side that is disabled, no matter what. I truly believe as a disabled community, we need to stand together- those who are both visible and non-visible individuals and sit down with one each other to really understand the different viewpoints, get a new perspective on this issue as a whole and teach it to the able-bodied community. Things like what to do and what not to do when it comes to the issue at hand. Only then, will the changes that need to happen to better understand disabilty and accessibility as a whole be possible

. Sincerely- A Woman Who is With You Not Against you

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