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  • Larissa Martin

To everyone tired of all these horrible things in the world- (there is still good out there, I promi

To everyone tired of all these horrible things in the world- (there is still good out there, I promise.) We see it far too much in today’s world. Horrific events happening around us all the time and when something like this happens, we post about it; how sad we all are or what a world we are living in how horrible and sad and unsafe it all is. Yes- all of that is so true. We only see the bad things because whenever we hear about it, we HAVE to share it on social media, we HAVE to keep talking about it until the next horrible thing happens because that is what we are used to these days. What if instead of looking at all this bad stuff, we start looking at the good that is happening in our communities and around the world to make people’s lives better? I think we are so focused on the bad stuff because we see it all the time, that we forget to look at all the good that happens. We forget to find good despite it being all around us- we just have to look for it! Maybe you have to create some good to see it but it will catch on and take time but once it does it will be something amazing that might change your life or someone else’s for the better! I am not saying don’t see the bad stuff and talk about it. What I am saying is don’t be stuck in this negative mindset of ”The world is horrible” because you know what? We do live in a horrible world, terrible awful things happen that we cannot explain to our kids. When they ask “What’s going on? Why is this happening?”, instead of dwelling on that and how sad we are and how things are in the world - let’s try and see the good in the world, no matter what it may be. Whether it’s in you or a stranger, it’s worth celebrating and sharing that and spreading the good whenever we are given the chance to do it. It deserves to fill up social media far more than the bad stuff does because that good stuff changes lives. Sincerely- Someone who sees good every day Ps. Good people and things change the world, so what are you waiting for?! Start doing some good and creating a positive mindset for you and those around you. It will be hard, I know but once it happens, it will be a beautiful, amazing thing!

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