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  • Larissa Martin

This is for people who are obsessed with everything trending.

This is for people who are obsessed with everything trending.

You know who you are. You’re the person wanting to try the new thing. Whether it be clothes, food, or a new place that everyone is talking about, or a place you feel you need to go to because all of your friends are going. You have fear of missing out if you don’t go when all of your friends are going. I know this, because I am one of you. We all are at one point in our lives. Why?

I believe we have always had this fear of missing out on things. Think about when The Beatles were all the rage. Everyone wanted their merchandise because in that moment that was all the rage back then. Another example is when Jennifer Aniston also known as Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends had a popular hairstyle. I think as a society with social media, trending has increased. We have food and other challenges. I think we have all these trends because we as a society feel like we need to fit in with everyone else. I feel it’s because we are scared of being who we truly are and we fear creating our own trends in our own lives, so we have to follow trends by celebrities. I think we need to do something retro and start spending time together. We need to start building friendships again the the old fashioned way. We should go to new hot spots not because Kim Kardashian went there, but because YOU found it interesting. Not because someone claimed it to be the new thing. Trends will get old, and a new thing will take its place. It is a cycle, and I am not saying not to do it, but what I am saying is that all of these trends will eventually be long gone. You won’t, so be your true beautiful selves. Don’t apologize for it. Be who you were meant to be and create a life that has meaning for you, not for others.

Be your own trendsetter and maybe…..just maybe that will be the new hit. People being themselves will become the new thing. People will start to see that you don’t have to follow celebrities. You can follow your own trend and show previous generations what a true trendsetter is. That will be next. Generations will follow. This will not be known as a trend anymore, but it will just be a normal thing. Not something that will just be here for a few months. It will be something truly life changing. Why? Because you’re showing the world who you are as a person. By doing that, you set yourself apart by being you and only you. That is what a true trendsetter is. Someone who is not afraid to do your own thing and not follow the trendsetters. You are your own and that is all that matters at the end of the day because your life is the most trendsetting thing to you. No one else. Because you’re living your way and not following anyone else’s trend except yours. That is what a true trendsetter is

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