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  • Larissa Martin

Why 'Speechless' Is a Must-See Show for the Whole Family

When I heard about “Speechless,” I was excited. Why? Because one of the characters in the show, JJ has cerebral palsy like me. Micah Fowler is not an able-bodied actor playing someone with CP. That is often the case when it comes to characters with disabilities. He actually has cerebral palsy. It is so refreshing to see on TV. Hopefully we will see more of this sooner rather than later.

I watch the show with my dad. Almost every episode, we find something he or I can relate to because JJ’s family deals with a lot of issues that a family with someone who is disabled often faces. I also think it shows that disability is not “woe is me.” It’s not about making JJ the inspiration in this show, nor all about what he has overcome in spite of his disability. It’s about a family first and foremost — they just happen to have a disabled son.

I think “Speechless” gives able-bodied people a look at what we as a community go through. The story lines are always “so accurate” — of course it’s a comedy, but this show portrays the realness of disability. Real issues we face. I think if we all just watch one episode of this show and take something from it, that can educate everyone on disability. I think it is a show worth watching with the whole family.

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