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  • Larissa Martin

How I detoxed from my phone helped me live in the present more how breaking up with phone helped me

How Not Bringing My Phone To Bed Has Helped Me Be More Focused On Life

I like millions of people have a phone and I am glued to it 24/7. I work on it, keep up with social media non-stop etc.

I would bring it into bed with me as I am sure many of us do and be on it for hours on end until I either got tired or it died. I did this for so long.

Until I decided enough is enough. I decided to try and stop bringing my phone to bed just to see if I would notice any difference I did. As soon as I started doing this I noticed something huge happened, by doing this experiment I was not on social media all night and my phone is not the first thing I grab every morning like I used to. I mean, yeah, I still am glued to my phone most days, but it feels good not being attached to it late at night or early morning anymore. It gives me more time to live in the present and engage in actual conversation with those around me and not in my phone looking at all social media.

I have been going outside a lot more without my phone and it reminds me to stop an enjoy my environment and nature.

I think if more people did this to some degree they would see that they don’t have to live with their phones glued to them and that you have nothing to lose by doing this and everything to gain because putting your phone down every now and then forces you to connect with those around you and to create more meaningful memories that will last a lifetime that is far more important than your phone right? Once more people realize that they can live more present and detox yourself from your phone I did and it’s the best decision I made.

So, I think anyone out there who has a phone should try my experiment because it can have a lot of benefits such as connecting with those around you, enjoying nature and the outdoors more and creating memories that you can cherish forever. I know it can be hard for people, especially teenagers to put their phones down, because let’s face it, they are always glued to their phones. Everyone should still give this experiment a try, you really have nothing to lose. You won’t know if you don’t try. This worked for me and it might work for you, but you need to be willing to make a change and try something new. Otherwise, this experiment won’t work.

— Published on July 15, 2018

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