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  • Larissa Martin

To Those Who Feel Weak Because of Mental Illness

To those who feel weak or like a bad person because of your mental illness,

I have been asked, “Larissa am I a bad person?” My reply to my friends that ask this question is always the same. I tell them, “No you’re not.” I tell them this because its true. Just because you are having a tough time with your mental illness, doesn’t by any means make you a weak or a bad person at all. I think people get this idea because of the stigma that we have on mental health. The stigma that lowers self-esteem. Plays a part in once mental state . Some people may not feel like the best parent for not cooking one night and getting take out instead or a best friend not being the most supportive at a time when you need them most

They shouldn’t feel this way because mental illness or not, we all get mentally beat up in some way does that make us a bad person? No, it makes us human and we all deserve a break from beating ourselves up. We need a break from judging others or judging ourselves because they are dealing with something we know nothing about. So, if you are reading this and you are feeling like a bad or weak person because of your mental illness you are not. You’re stronger than you realize. You have made it through another day without giving up and doing the best you can today and every day. You’ve got this!

I know it may not feel like it now, but you will get there slowly but surely. When you do, I will be right there with you. We may have never met each other but know I will always have your back no matter what. I am proud of the progress you have made with being non-judgmental about yourself and your mental struggles. I think when it comes to mental health as a whole, we as a society need to be less judgmental of others when it comes to mental health, because more understanding is needed. People don’t need to feel bad or weak because they have a mental health issue. They need to be listened to and understood. They need to know that they matter because everyone matters. Everyone deserves to feel like they have been heard, whether they have a mental illness or not. I think once that happens, more people wouldn’t feel ashamed or weak because of their mental illness. Because someone cared enough to stop judging them, started listening and understanding them, they have changed the conversation on mental health one person at a time. Their attitude changed because they were heard and cared about.


Someone who will always listen to you

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