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  • Larissa Martin

My experience as a ___ taught me so much more about life and myself

My experience as a ___ taught me so much more about life and myself in general for me its writing what will it be for you ? For me, my experience that taught me the most about life has been writing. For others, it may be something completely different. Do you know what your life changing experience has been?

Writing is a relatively new outlet for me. I have written for far less time than some others I know . The teachable moments writing has, and continues to provide me with are countless and are lessons I feel I may not have gotten anywhere else.

I began writing in 2015. Prior to that, any and all of the free time I had was dedicated to running a group that I had founded. The goal of the group is to help our local communities as well as our nation in any way we can. We aim to shed light on topics that people may not ordinarily think about. While loving the group and all it stands for, I found myself needing something more to claim as my identity. That’s where, in 2015, writing came in. Up until that point, my group was my safety net. I knew what it was, what it needed and what I got out of it.

Writing was challenging at first. It was a whole new horizon to explore. I had to dabble with different techniques and face many rejectied submissions to learn my style and how to articulate it in a way that interested others to share/read it. I literally was re-writing my identity from the bottom up. The various rejections helped me become stronger to criticism. It challenged my brain to think in different ways. Not only did I have my personal thoughts, but I now needed to present them in a way that interested others.

Pursuing a new passion on top of managing all of the previous commitments further taught me things about myself and the art of time management as well as a work-life balance. Of course, all of the pieces don’t always fit together perfectly but I have found my own groove, and it wasn’t always easy. Things that made this transition easier were the confidence these submissions created as well as inspiring my drive to be my own cheerleader as well as my support system that I had in place already on the days when I could not rally myself on.

Take your talents and use them in every outlet of your life, not just in the board room. Take all of your talents and channel them into every interaction you have of them. Rely on your support system when you need to but don’t forget to occasionally look in the mirror and pat yourself on the back. You are inspiring. You drive an impact. Take your rejections and turn them into a positive experience for how it helped you grow. Develop your passion and run with it. Take time, look back, admire how far you’ve come and revel at how far you have to go be your own Beyoncé and do something on your own and create that something more for yourself I told you my experience now go it’s your turn to fill in the bank in your story what is your experience ?

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