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  • Larissa Martin

This is how you should look at relationships from now on

This is how you should look at relationships from now on

Everyone has heard of the concept of self-exploration. People have heard stories about others going on trips alone to “find themselves.” It is common to hear, “One must love themselves before loving anyone else.” I feel there is truth behind this statement. I feel like people need to have a true sense of self before they can commit themselves to another person. If people do not have a valued sense of self-worth, they may use the relationship to fill a void they feel, or even one they may not realize they have. Things one might be searching for could be a feeling of fulfillment, nurturing or support. Often people want someone to share life’s failures and successes with.

The way one person feels about themselves sets the tone for how they allow others to treat them. When people have a strong sense of self and the goals they wish to achieve, it will help them find a partner who can support them in reaching those. Similar life goals and morals can establish a strong bond between two people. Perhaps you don’t know what you want in life yet. That’s okay as there are ways to figure it out.

One can self-explore through meditation, new hobbies or faith. They can also surround themselves with like-minded people, or read books on topics that may interest them. Embrace the fact that you are still growing and learning about yourself, and know it’s okay to not have all of the answers right now. Regard past experiences as lessons learned and look forward to the future without putting an intense amount of pressure on what could be. This period of self exploration will help individuals in the long run. With a stronger sense of self, how one is affected by other people and conflict can be less intrusive.

The amazing thing behind self-exploration and identification is that it does not need to be a one time deal. Throughout different seasons of life, individuals may need to re-evaluate their goals and plans, and how they may best find support for those things. Keep in mind that the most important relationship is the one you hold with yourself

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