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  • Larissa Martin

What To Give Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything For Christmas

Everyone knows how it goes. You ask a family member what they want for the holidays, to which they reply “nothing” and you are left to your own devices to figure it out. I have been the person on both ends of the question. I have been told by someone that they don’t know what they want or I have been indecisive about what I want.

Usually, I tell my dad I don’t want anything but then my mom gets frustrated so I write down items I could use to make her happy. I’ve been known to not choose things that I am going to just open on Christmas and forget a year later.

I prefer the gifts I receive to be practical.

I feel like when people say they don’t have a specific request, they are looking forward to the time spent with loved ones more than they are material items. They look forward to creating special memories. If they are gifted something they use often, it can help them remember you and all of the shared experiences.

Instead of impulsively buying something you think the person would thoroughly enjoy, take the time to think about what they are really saying. They may just want the gift of spending time with you as times can be hectic and busy. They may just need a connection, a listening ear, some support, or a good laugh. You will never know until you ask them.

Avoid any miscommunication and clarify what they want so that there is no confusion or disappointment on either end. Some of the best Christmas presents are not the ones that are tangible. They are the ones that warm the soul and heart and that they will cherish forever. I think to some degree we need to understand and respect that.

Instead, try to commutate and listen to each other to see things from their point of view this holiday season. The holidays really are less about gifts and more about who you have around you. I think overall that is what you should get someone who doesn’t want anything this year. A connection is something that can’t be bought and is so important.

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