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  • Larissa Martin

Why Our Generation Has Become Obsessed With Healthy Living

Why has our generation become so health-conscious?

Millennials are increasingly staying healthier because of the wealth of information on the benefits of eating healthily and the drawbacks of consuming sugar and fat. It is OK to splurge on sugary, fatty treats once in awhile. However, opting for healthier options has become a lot more accessible, and we should take advantage of it. The Internet has an abundance of healthier (but still tasty) options. This makes it a lot more desirable to remain healthy.

These changes in the American diet have forced fast food chains to add healthier options to their menus to cater to people’s desires. The majority of consumers want to know that the food they are eating has minimal additives and preservatives. There are many books and other forms of literature to educate people about the dangers of certain ingredients. This widely available education has increased people’s hyper-vigilance about the food they put into their bodies.

Although this change has been a long time coming, it is much-needed.

Who wants to be a part of a country that is known for being unhealthy? The younger generation can help influence the older folks. The older generation may believe that healthy eating is too much work, too expensive, and just too difficult overall. We need these changes to extend to everyone in our society, regardless of age or background.

One catalyst for this healthy eating movement was Michelle Obama’s policies to get exercise and healthier food options into the public school systems. Seeing a woman in such a high, prestigious position backing an initiative like this made healthy eating much more appealing. We live in a time when everyone wants to have photo-worthy posts and follow the newest food trends so this healthy eating movement has made the transition easy.

Those who are into healthy eating typically also follow the latest fitness trends.

Experts say that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of nutritious eating and exercise, so the two become a package deal. Combining healthy eating and exercise is a wonderful thing. Putting effort into our diets and exercise shows that we prioritize our well-being, which has mutual benefits for ourselves and those around us.

I personally have conformed to the healthy living movement.

I’ve taken on a healthier diet and cut back on toxic ingredients, such as sugar. I try to eat primarily vegetarian meals, although I have not made the complete plunge into vegetarianism. If you want to improve your health, then you have to make the changes you want to see. In this time and place, many people will support you. Dive into a healthier life, even if you take it one step at a time.

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