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  • Larissa Martin

Why Showing Gratitude to Everyone is Important

People show gratitude in different ways to different people. It can be to make the recipient feel appreciated, important or significant. I show gratuity in small ways to those in my life. This could be a simple thank you when they’ve done stuff for me to baking them something I know they would enjoy. This says thank you without actually saying it. I’m grateful for those in my life for all they do for me or when they encourage me to grow into a better version of myself.

I am often the recipient of gratitude due to the work I do with my group . I am thanked all the time for the food drives we hold whether it’s from someone donating or the family we are helping. It’s just as important for me to thank those whom we are helping. Why do I thank them? These families let us into their lives, opened up themselves and exposed what is typically a vulnerable state. That takes a lot of trust and faith on their part.

Expressing gratitude shows appreciation for other people. Every small act of kindness should be acknowledged because the cumulative effect of all of these small acts can make a true impact on one’s life. You may not see the immediate impact of an act someone has done for you, but it is changing the dynamic gradually and for the better.

We only get to live on this Earth once and if displaying some gratitude can make it a little more positive, I think that is a small change that is easy to make! You showing gratitude can increase you receiving gratitude and can in turn create a beautiful domino effect. Spread thanks everywhere; not only during the Thanksgiving season ,showing gratitude everyday so important because you are showing compassion towards someone who doesn’t often receive compassion like that before so why not show them what its like so they can understand the impact it can have on one’s life and how showing them the smallest bit of changes their lives for the better . I think if people realized how easy showing the smallest bit of gratitude is in their own way more people would do it and understand that showing it doesn’t mean shopping sprees or expensive trips it means the little things you do to show people you care how important they are to you and your life and your growth as a person I think once more people look at gratitude that way they will be willing to show it more to everyone they meet.

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