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  • Larissa Martin

Stop Living In Anger

I have always been an optimistic person. I tend to not live in anger. I am always in search of the silver lining and to make the best of any situation. I find it difficult to reason why those who are often angry are. I feel it is a pretty easy to task to look around at all of the opportunities and blessings most middle class people have been granted and find something to provide a shred of hope. Maybe that’s a roof over your head, food in your stomach or the people around you.

I fear that those who are constantly living in anger or a negative mindframe will one day come to and realize how nuch precious time they wasted on negative thinking. Even if someone has been through tough times in their life, those times should not portray a dark filter onto the rest of their experiences and life moments. No one deserves to live like that.

Despite a negative viewpoint, these people still deserve a strong support system. While it may pain you to see a loved one in pain, that is more reason to pour your love into them. Give them some shred of hope to hold on to. While they may be portraying a negative attitude, we will never know what their organic thoughts are. They may be interpreting your actions as what makes or breaks them.

While may not have whatever can break their angry cycle, providing love and support sometimes is exactly what they may need. When we enter a relationship with someone, whether biologically, through friendship or through romance, supporting them in tough times is essentially an unspoken oath. While seeing them hurt, may make you hurt, rely on knowing you could be the beacon of hope they need should be enough pull to keep you where you are.

I feel those who live in anger are missing out on the many beautiful miracles and exposures of life. Those who are angry owe it to themselves to do the appropriate soul searching to find out what may be causing their anger and work towards resolving it. The sooner they find the source of their unrest and work to resolve it, the sooner they can start to find the silver lining and viewing life in a more optimistic way. Finding the cause of anger is the first step in then figuring out how to resolve it.

If you struggle in finding an optimistic attitude, lean on your support system. Find a licensed professional if you feel that is the kind of expertise that would best help you. There is no shame in asking for help. Talk to your family and those you are closest to. Living with a gray cloud hanging above is stressful and a life no-one deserves. You deserve to find, or return to, your happy place.

If you are reading this as someone whom suffers this way, please know you aren’t alone and you do not need to suffer alone. Let your walls down. You deserve happiness and good thing.

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