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  • Larissa Martin

A Four-Leaf Clover Will Not Change Your Life

People associate finding four-leaf clovers with good luck and destiny. While finding one may bring moments of happiness and perhaps positively change your point of view, this tiny, little sprout is not going to completely alter your life for the better.

Changing your destiny is in your hands. It requires work and dedication. It requires patience, soul-searching, and discovering your goals and dreams.

I continually try to better myself personally and professionally, but an important part of growing and evolving is failure. Setbacks require you to consider a different perspective and re-evaluate your thought processes. Hard work, dedication, and failure brought me to success, not a stroke of luck or finding a four-leaf clover.

Instead of believing in superstitions outside of your control, believe in yourself. Believe that you can do the work necessary to succeed. Believe that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams. Find others who believe in you. Push yourself to try things that you never thought you could. Pick yourself up when you’re feeling down. Chase your dreams, and hold yourself accountable.

While you may think that you need to find a lucky object as a sign to change your life, the truth is that you have to find what pulls at you from the inside. What changes can you make that will bring you closer to your goal? I believe that when people hone in on a certain object, they do it as a measure of deflecting the attention and focus from their insecurity in their ability to accomplish their goals. The reality is that if you take the time to explore your mind, desires, and dreams, you will see that you are the only sign of hope and good fortune that you need.

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