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  • Larissa Martin

3 Places Besides Notre Dame That Deserve Our Support

On Monday, April 15th, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral suffered a massive fire, so it’s now in need of restoration. Several French billionaires have pledged $339 million to help rebuild Notre Dame.  

It is amazing that so many French elites want to help restore this historic cathedral. Still, I personally believe that other people and communities also need this substantial funding.

One example is the city of Flint. Millions have been unable to drink clean water for nearly four years because the available water is contaminated with lead. The water shortage has hurt many children. Many of them now have learning disabilities because the local water is not safe to drink.

Everyone should have the right to clean water.

We also must donate to the places that Hurricane Maria damaged. The deadly Category five hurricane devastated Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico in September 2017. We now regard the storm as the natural disaster with the most devastating effect on those islands, and it is also the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since 2004’s Jeanne. Millions of people lost power throughout the island, and many couldn’t reach their loved ones.

We are still putting forth efforts to rebuild the island and bring back tourists.

Even famous musical composer Lin Manuel Miranda, creator of the smash Broadway hit, Hamilton, brought his show to the island and reprised his role as the lead, Alexander Hamilton as a fundraiser for the area.  

Additionally, the area affected by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina still needs our financial assistance. The storm hit New Orleans and the surrounding areas, leaving many people stranded for days as they waited to be rescued. It forced many to relocate as a result of this natural disaster. Artists and nonprofit organizations are still making recovery efforts, creating beautiful art on abandoned homes. Still, the area still needs our help.

These are just some of the many natural disasters in the United States that could use the same kind of generosity that Notre Dame received.  Because Notre Dame is historic, it is receiving necessary funding extremely quickly.

That kind of funding can certainly improve the lives of millions of people.

If billionaires saw our areas of need here in the U.S. and how their contributions may affect both them and recipients alike, they might be willing to contribute to restoration in the face of our natural disasters.  If we receive funding after we experience natural disasters, we might just be able to see the change we deserve in the world.


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