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  • Larissa Martin

Everyone on Social Media Loves Elyse Myers & Here’s Why

When I follow someone on social media, it’s either because I love their work or because they taught me something I never knew before. I love following people who can teach me new things and to whom I can relate in some way. Elyse Myers is one of those people.

She went viral when she told her story of the worst date she’s ever been on. Ever since then, she’s been everywhere — on TV and at celebrity events until she quickly became a celebrity herself. That is, if she even sees herself as a celebrity.

I think why so many people — myself included — find Elyse so engaging is that she talks about real, relatable things. 

Elyse has shared about her horrible first dates, favorite TV shows, and life struggles — and many of the things she talks about can happen to any of us. That’s what I love most about her — Elyse is willing to be her real self on social media. No glam team and no fancy endorsements — it’s just Elyse being Elyse.

In the world of social media, Elyse’s approach is rare and refreshing. That’s why I think so many people relate to her in their own ways.

In today’s society, social media dominates with trends, reels, and filters, and it often feels fake. Not being real on social media seems unnecessary, and quite honestly, it’s not healthy.

Elyse doesn’t shy away from her reality on social media. She embraces the truth, and that’s what makes her different. Oftentimes, celebrities and social media influencers participate in important causes just to be “trendy” or endorse products they don’t even use just to make money from views and “likes.”

Elyse doesn’t take herself too seriously, though, so many people see themselves in her.

No matter what topic Elyse Myers discusses, she makes people like me feel better when we need comfort the most. She makes us feel like we aren’t alone in the world and reminds us that there is space for all of us to be who we are online. She makes people feel seen, supported, and celebrated, and that’s why so many people support and love her back.

Featured Photo via elysemyers Instaggram.


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