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  • Larissa Martin

Give Back This Holiday Season By Playing A Trivia Game


Larissa Martin


Nov 3, 2023

With the holidays quickly approaching, many people give back with food drives and Toys for Tots events. We all want to help others during the holidays, but we some years, we may not have the time or financial resources to give.

But did you know that this holiday season, you can play a trivia game to help feed people in need?

With Freerice, you can do just that. This educational trivia game helps you show off your smarts while making a difference. Every question you answer correctly donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program (WFP), which provides food to the hungry around the world.

This game is perfect for people who love giving back and playing trivia games. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Freerice also has a bunch of cool features. You can change the difficulty level of the questions to account for your trivia knowledge. The game also has different categories, like movies and different languages. You can even try challenges that allow you to participate with other people.

During the holidays, some people find it hard to give back because their schedules are so busy. But this game makes it easy to give back with minimal effort. You can play it whenever you want, wherever you are. If more people knew that they could give back in such a convenient way, imagine how many more donations would help the hungry this holiday season!

Of course, nothing compares to giving back in person and making a one-on-one connection with other people, but with our increasingly busy lives, we don’t always have the time to volunteer on-site. Freerice comes in handy when you can’t give back in a traditional way. It’s quick, easy, and extremely impactful. So this upcoming season of giving, consider playing Freerice to make a difference to the hungry.   

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash


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