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  • Larissa Martin

How Fear Allowed My Writing Career To Blossom

For the past several years, I have pursued my goal of becoming an established writer. I focus on non-fictional, inspirational writing and explore a wide range of topics, from politics to mental health to fitness. I don’t tend to focus on the hottest pop culture events, movies, or shows, but one of the publications I started writing for covers those trendy topics. I feared that I would need to dabble in writing about celebrities or movies to ensure my success, but I also feared that if I had to cover those topics, I would compromise my authenticity.

When I finally wrote a “trendy” piece, I looked at what the publication wanted and put a personal spin on my work. Receiving feedback on that piece helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses as a writer. It also allowed me to practice receiving and reacting to constructive criticism. The fear of being placed under a critical lens led me to grow, which has benefited me not only in my career, but in my personal life as well.

When we go through any change or transformation, our fears call shotgun. However, once we embrace our fears and step out of our comfort zones, we will see the magic begin. For instance, when I branched out as a writer, my writing style improved and my drive and passion increased.

Many people allow fear to hold them back from the things that they would like to explore and achieve. If we all just let go for a minute and tried not to let our fears hold us back, we may be surprised by how many opportunities open up to us and how we blossom in all areas of our lives. When we allow ourselves the chance to blossom little by little, we learn who we are and the special talents we each bring to the table.


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