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  • Larissa Martin

How To Successfully Travel With Your Best Friends


Larissa Martin


Jul 10, 2023

Traveling with my best friends sounds exciting. But I hesitated to do so for a long time because of my disability and all that goes into traveling with me. I have four best friends and have traveled with them. Whether we went on day trips, overnight sleepovers, or weekend getaways, these trips were extremely memorable. 

If you discuss all aspects first, you can have a successful trip. Everyone should talk about their plans and what they want to do. It ensures everyone has the best time possible with few to no issues. 

When I travel, there are a lot of logistics involved.

As someone who has disabilities and uses a wheelchair, I need to make sure I have someone who can transfer and lift me since I can’t do it myself. Somebody always has to be with me when I travel, so I need a friend willing to do this. On the bright side, it always gives me more bonding time, new experiences, and memories with my besties. 

I don’t travel much with my friends because of my disability. I see traveling as an entirely different experience than someone who can do it more often. Because of that, I also appreciate it more. 

So, should you travel with your best friends, or will it ruin your friendship? Do a test run with your best friend or besties, plan a staycation, and see how that goes. If it goes well, a more extended trip could work. But if it’s not a good fit, it’s better to know before you’re in for a more extended, intense trip. More importantly, communication during the planning and execution of trips is critical.

Here is a list of three things you could do before concerning going on a trip with your best friend or besties: 

1. Clear communication during planning. 

It’s important to talk about the possible locations for the trip, how long you are staying, and similar things. Clear communication can make all the difference for a fun trip for everyone involved. So, be sure to talk things through.

2. Make sure to have a clear budget. 

Planning a trip can be expensive, especially when it involves friends. So it is crucial to make a budget. That way, everyone knows how much money to save, and your friends can contribute if needed. Money often causes issues between friends. So, doing this could avoid problems in the future.

3. Talk about who is going. Don’t assume you’re invited.

When you are planning a trip with a specific friend, they often assume they’re coming because they’re your best friend. After all, why wouldn’t they be coming? You do everything together. But it’s always important not to assume you’re doing everything together. Remember: Just because your best friend is doing something with another best friend doesn’t mean you are getting replaced. I think if more friends communicated and didn’t assume things, trips with best friends would be a more memorable experience for everyone.

When making travel plans, think about all sides of the scenario. We all like to mix friend groups and get everyone together. But think about who you feel will get along the best. We often get wrapped up in the fantasy of creating the perfect trip. So, we may need help recognizing all the moving parts involved. Though jeopardizing a friendship may take something seriously, these experiences can still teach us a thing or two. If we all took a step or two back to acknowledge everyone we’re including, it could be a better time for everyone going on the trip.

Featured image via RDNE Stock project on Pexels


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