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  • Larissa Martin


Our mental and physical health should be equally weighted. Typically, when we don’t feel well physically, we seek out medical attention. When we feel “off” mentally, we typically make excuses as to why we are feeling this way, and put off seeking out care. These two wellnesses go hand in hand and when one is askew, the other is also impacted. They should be regarded with equal importance.

       I believe a lot of hesitancy in seeking out medical care is that there still exists a stigma around these concerns. People feel that if they admit being affected by anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues it is a sign of weakness. They fear the judgement of their closest friends and family as well as society as a whole. The reality is true friends and loved ones will support all aspects of you, and encourage you to pursue a healthier path. 

      A way to start to bridge the gap between those who have mental health concerns and those in their social circle is communication. Start a conversation, even a hypothetical one. When you feel a trusting and secure bond has been formed then the comfort to bring up one’s struggles should be there. When you start the commutation, you are also acknowledging the importance. Overall wellness means ensuring you are of sound mind and body. Find someone trusting to take on the journey with you and know that you are not alone.

​You are not broken. You are strong.


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