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  • Larissa Martin

To Heal The United States, We Can’t Run Away From Our Country

In the last couple of years, our country has gotten worse in so many ways. From gun violence running high to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade to voting rights in jeopardy, it seems like there’s no end in sight to our problems. And, of course, with Donald Trump running for President again in the 2024 election, the destruction would only continue if he won. Many people, from my friends to my family to major celebrities, have said they want to leave the United States. I completely understand why so many people want to leave the country right now — the future doesn’t exactly look bright here. Hell, I even think about packing up and leaving sometimes. 

But that approach has a major problem. 

If all of the people who want change for America leave, then nothing will change for our country. Who will try to improve life for future generations? Who will lead us in a positive, productive way?

While many of the people who fantasize about leaving the United States will stay here,  that shouldn’t stop them from trying to make a change. If you want to leave but don’t move, and you also don’t put in the effort to make America a better place, then the status quo will continue. Sadly, we’re in a position where we have to work to fix the many issues with this country. But it’s still our responsibility to improve life for everyone.

We may feel helpless as we watch our country fall, but we’re far from it.

If you want to leave the United States, remember that you can do so much here to make this country a happy, healthy place to live. Find nonprofit groups and join grassroots campaigns that support causes. Organize rallies, protest for abortion rights, and gather to fight against gun violence and police brutality. Yes, many Americans have already taken these critical steps, but every time they do, people gain awareness of important issues, and change begins to spread. 

If you always wanted a platform for the issues you care about and have a natural drive for leadership, consider running for local, state, or even national office. We have plenty of candidates who’ve harmed our country in the past, so we need stronger ones. If you have what it takes to lead your fellow Americans, run yourself instead of letting treasonous candidates run and potentially win.  

Living in the United States is far from easy, but instead of fantasizing about leaving, we should make plans to improve the country and follow through. With this approach, we can create solutions to the problems that make us want to leave America in the first place. We can improve this country, but we have to stay here and work together to make real change happen.

Featured Photo by Resi Kling on Unsplash.


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