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  • Larissa Martin

What Happened When I Went Undercover In The Twin Flames Cult


Larissa Martin Jan 15, 2024

A cult is a group whose members are zealously devoted to a figure, object, or belief system. Cult members usually also follow a charismatic leader. Many people associate cults with highly unorthodox religious sects, ones that participate in sinister practices and demonstrations. According to this definition, the Twin Flames Universe is a cult and is therefore highly dangerous.

The leaders of the Twin Flames cult coerce members to move across states to live with their “twin flames”, even if the two people just met. The group even convinced some people that to join the cult, they had to change their names or get surgery they didn’t want. But now, both ex-members and family and friends of current members are finally talking about the abuse that they experienced in the Twin Flames cult. These stories show how this group preyed on vulnerable people and how easy it was for strong leaders to suck individuals into the system.

I first heard about the Twin Flame Universe in a Netflix documentary series. What I saw horrified me.

According to the Twin Flames cult, a “twin flame” isn’t necessarily a romantic partner, but they are someone who will continuously change your life. Jeff and Shaleia, a married couple, founded the cult, claiming that the couple’s matchmaking service would help lonely people find their “twin flame” partners. 

After learning all of this, I decided to enter the Twin Flames cult undercover.

I wanted to understand what made the Twin Flames cult so enticing for people to join. To achieve this goal, I felt that it was best for me to go into the cult’s Facebook group, play the part of a new member, get the information that I needed, and leave. I didn’t want Jeff and Shaleia to brainwash and traumatize me like they did to so many others.

The cult’s private Facebook group currently has well over 51,000 members and continues to grow every day. And despite all of the information circulating about the group, people still join willingly. They may not know everything they’re signing up for, just that they’re going to meet someone who understands them. But the truth is much more sinister than that.

In my first post in the group, I discussed my excitement about finding my twin flame. I also asked for advice. Within minutes, members flooded me with congratulations and advised me to start with the free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course. 

One person did warn me to “run,” but the moderators deleted the negative comment just a few hours later. I signed up for that free course. According to the website, the Twin Flames cult  believes that the mirror exercise will cure all problems. Additionally, the course contained many religious-based lessons. To top it all off, Jeff claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ.  

Within days of joining the group, higher-ups paired me with a coach. A few weeks later, I asked them what I should do after I finished my courses, and they suggested I read Jeff and Shaleia’s book, “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.” They also said that I should book an introductory session with a coach to start learning how to clear any blocks to finding my twin flame.

They also encourage you not to worry about payment for the courses. Someone in the Facebook group said that they couldn’t pay for the course, and the group suggested the mirror exercise, claiming that money would soon come in abundance. 

A few days after Christmas, I posted on the Facebook page saying that I fell behind on my lessons but excited to continue the journey. To my surprise, Jeff commented the following on my post:  

“Take [the lessons] on your own time. It’s spaced out so you can fully absorb the teaching into your consciousness. It’s not a public school curriculum; it’s a divine one. You don’t need to remember any facts. Just let the information soak into you as it feels good for you.”

This whole experience showed me how well-intended people can get sucked into dangerous cults. It also showed me how cult leaders can gain so many loyal followers with promises of love, money, and happiness. After all, who doesn’t want those things?

But cults like Twin Flames  do far more harm than good. These so-called “safe spaces” can change you into someone you aren’t and completely destroy your life. Cult members aren’t necessarily bad people; they’re often just lonely people looking for purpose.

The Twin Flames isn’t a place to find love; it’s one of many harmful cults. You may go in searching for connection, but in the end, you’ll have to fight to find yourself again.

Featured Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash.


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