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  • Larissa Martin

What’s The Difference Between A Vacation In A Honeymoon?

For me personally, I see a massive difference between a vacation and a honeymoon. You take a vacation once or twice a year for some time to enjoy yourself and rest and recharge from life responsibilities for a while.

You’re able to get away with your family or your friends or maybe take a solo vacation, whatever works for you. I have taken some fantastic vacations with my family growing up. We spent a week in ocean city Maryland and it was awesome. We still bring up memories of those trips years later. I have also been on trips with one of my best friends, to cape cod and a birthday trip to Philly. These were amazing vacations, filled with memories that I will forever remember and that will last a lifetime.

A Honeymoon on the other hand is something entirely different. It is specifically meant for couples that just got married or for couples who are in committed relationships and want to enjoy some alone time after the wedding.

Some couples even have honeymoon funds where they start a fund strictly for the honeymoon purposes and all the expresses that go with it depending on where the couple is going whether it be Mexico at a 5 star resort or a big trip across Europe . I get why these two things are different and hold different meanings for other people in their lives. One is to relax and forget about life for a while and possibly take multiple vacations in a year with different people in their lives.

A Honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience for a married couple that they will remember forever and cherish it. You will love both occasions for different reasons when they happen you will understand the difference once you’re in those situations. It’s my personal opinion that some couples are so fixated and focused on making sure that this honeymoon they planned is absolutely perfect. But we all know that nothing is guaranteed and something could go wrong. When that happens, couples tend to focus on the bad that occurred during this unique experience in their lives.

Whether is your Honeymoon or a 15 year family reunion vacation with your family, no matter what , you’re celebrating remember that these are both very different and important occasions that deserve to be celebrated. Be in the present because yes these two very distinctive things are vastly different but they are joyous times that you can’t get back or recreate. So no matter if it’s a honeymoon or vacation, you should be able to celebrate love with your partner and celebrate how far you have come together and where you’re headed.

With a vacation, enjoy being With family. Enjoy hearing stories from family members as much as possible and creating lasting memories that you will remember for a lifetime. Both these have the chance to do that better. You have to be willing to let whatever happened and enjoy whatever it is because, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters, whether it’s a vacation or honeymoon. Even though they are different, that’s the most important thing.


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