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  • Larissa Martin

Why Supportive Friendships Are Crucial For Your Health And Happiness

We all have experienced deep friendships. But why are they important to us?

Why do we need them? I personally believe that relationships are necessary for us to grow. They help us learn about ourselves and each other in healthy, beneficial ways.

Forming special bonds with people makes our lives more fulfilling because they are teaching us things about ourselves and learning more about how the friendships we build with them moving forward can show us what a healthy friendship can be. Our families and friends can help us discover our purpose and clarify what we want from our time here on Earth. These relationships can enhance our social circles, too.

Not every relationship can provide purpose, love, and support, though.

Sometimes, relationships take trial and error. Sometimes, we have to reevaluate our relationships to determine whether or not they are healthy for us or if we’ve outgrown them. This process may take some time, and we will need to go through it many times throughout our lives.

A few years ago, I had to take a step back and re-evaluate a couple of my friendships. In doing so, I learned that certain friends weren’t as supportive as I thought they were. For example, one of my friends would act like I was her therapist when all I wanted to be was her friend. It wore me out, so I made the decision to end that friendship. Although “friends” like her were there for me sometimes, I held their relationships to a higher standard. Eventually, I was able to allow supportive, encouraging people back into my life. I found these relationships more meaningful to my life as a whole.

Even when certain relationships no longer serve us, we still learn that we deserve the best in our relationships. We have to strive for quality friendships, and we need to reflect on whether they’re right for us or not. It’s important to ask ourselves how we honestly feel about the way that certain friends treat us because our self-worth comes first. Prioritizing our self-worth is so important because we all deserve friends who treat us with respect and kindness. We also need to show our friends that we genuinely care about them. The memories we’ve made with our friends and the lessons they’ve taught us will carry on into other seasons of life. The company we choose to keep should be encouraging and supportive enough to help us arrive closer to our goals, not away from them.

Our hectic lives sometimes force us to overlook the simple pleasures in our friendships.

The right people can allow us to take the time to appreciate the things we usually ignore, like hugs, love, and support in our most difficult moments. We ought to spend time with those who show us their appreciation and provide invaluable company. Supportive friends encourage us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Relationships won’t always be picture-perfect.

They may take time and effort to achieve the right balance. Take time to examine the relationships in your life. Ask if they serve you and help you achieve your purpose. Do these people encourage you to go after your dreams?

A genuine friendship can be the ultimate source of fulfillment. Allow yourself to feel happiness and support. Why not take a chance and appreciate the kind people around you who continue to help you grow? Loving, supportive relationships are crucial to our health and happiness.

Featured Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.


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