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  • Larissa Martin

Why Walk the Moon’s Music Is So Impactful To Me

Recently one of my favorite bands, Walk the Moon, announced they are going into hibernation, as they put it. They decided to stop making music as a band to work on solo projects and focus on their families. They may come back eventually, but they are stepping away for now. 

One of my best friends introduced me to Walk the Moon in 2014. I love the band’s vibe; their music can have you dancing, jumping up and down with a smile, or crying — feeling all the feelings. I love it when music and bands can make you feel everything from sadness and happiness. 

I first saw them live in 2015, my first time at a sold-out show, and it was an incredible experience. The second time I saw them was last year. I was excited to see them again for the 10th-anniversary tour of their self-titled album. It was my first post-pandemic concert, and it was everything I needed and then some. My brother passed away at the start of last year, so I was in an emotional place most of that year. I wasn’t looking forward to holidays that much and didn’t really feel happy. So I didn’t know how I would feel about that concert in November, so close to the holidays. 

The anniversary show was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. 

Just for a few hours that night, my issues were gone, and I felt happy for the first time in months. It didn’t get rid of everything I was going through, but it helped me escape my negative feelings, even for a while. That is what this band has done for me, especially last year.

That is how impactful this band and their music are. It also shows how healing music can be, no matter the genre.  

After months of sadness and loss, that concert gave me something to look forward to again. I hadn’t been looking forward to anything in months. So the fact that I was excited was a huge deal for me.

We are all passionate about many artists these days. And we often love more than just their music. We get so engrossed in everything about who they are and their favorite things that we don’t truly grasp their impact on our lives. Without even knowing, these artists help us when we need it the most. When we least expect it, their music can make us feel better and less alone. 

I think if people weren’t so obsessed with everything about the artist they love, they would appreciate their music so much more. Some go to concerts knowing everything about a band or musician, knowing useless information, but I believe that it’s the way to show your appreciation for what these artists give us. I know very small details about Walk the Moon because I choose to appreciate their music, not their favorite things. I will always have their music and the memories of their concerts in my heart. And I will always remember how they made me feel and helped me heal. And that’s what’s important.

Featured image via “Walk the moon” by The Pug Father / CC BY 2.0


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