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  • Larissa Martin

Why We Need To Share Blake Anderson’s Story

Blake Anderson is one of the latest black men in America who became a victim of police brutality. Anderson, a 24-year-old security guard, and soon-to-be-father, was struck in the head with a firearm, punched, had his head slammed onto concrete, had a gun pressed against him, and slammed into a window by L.A. Deputies.

This attack caused him several injuries, including a dislocated shoulder, several hematomas around his head and a reinjury of his eye that he tried to tell the officers about. Now his doctors are recommending a prosthetic eye. 

What was Anderson doing before this horrific event, that he deserved this treatment from the police? He was walking with a friend and doing nothing wrong. Many witnesses, security footage, and cellphone videos captured the event proving his innocence. At this time Anderson’s family is seeking justice and accountability for those responsible for this attack.

Was I surprised that I saw this happening? Nope not at all, because it’s become the norm for black and brown people in America. 

As a biracial woman, I am well aware that people that look like me get racially profiled regularly. It has only been getting worse for us, not better, and I believe that it is going to continue that way. We as a society need to start viewing this continued police brutality as problematic.  

Imagine being white, just minding your own business with your family or by yourself, and police attack you for no reason. This happens to you on a regular basis based on the color of your skin. The thought of it is terrifying, right?

I personally believe if more of society experienced this, we would understand and try to change policing in this country, and it would be completely different. We also need to change the way black people and people of color are perceived. They often see us as threats that need to be punished for just existing in society and living our lives the best we can, while the majority of us are here making the world a better place. We are often not given the chance to do that when that is all we want and deserve to do. 

Will Blake Anderson be the last victim of this cycle of abuse when it comes to policing? Absolutely not. Of course I want to say yes, but I know better than that. 

There will always be more videos  of someone being arrested or killed just for being black or brown in America. Some of us will be outraged. Most of us are freaking tired of it, myself included. Will any change take place? No, but it needs to.  Not just because we deserve it, but because all past victims of police brutality deserve better. 

Let’s give that to this family and past victims’ families. Let’s do it for the next generation of black and brown kids. We want police to serve and protect, not discriminate and assault them or possibly kill them.

Feature Image from Bailey Anderson on GoFundMe


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